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ROULETTE Excerpt from page 209:

Finally we come to the last of the three possibilities I spoke about. This one calls for you to bet on whatever shows on the wheel.

You do not set a Dominant to play. But merely choose a category (Odd-Even, etc.) and the side that shows is the one you will now bet on. If you choose colors and Red shows, you bet Red. If Black shows, you bet Black. Your job is to predetermine whether you are going to stay with the color, the high/low, or the odd/even. The choice is yours as to what category you want to play.

406 pp.

Patrick's Comments:

"Roulette is a great game to play. Looking for a Trend in the Outside plays of Black/Red, etc. is easy to grasp. With the use of the Regression System, this may be the game you use as your dominant."