Excerpt from page 27:

You've simply got to be able to hold aside an amount of money that can be used as your Bankroll on the next gambling episode. It is of vital importance that this cap be placed on your losses. It is called a Loss Limit.

The previous two chapters covered the Win Goals. It called for you to set a goal, reach it, divide it in half, thereby giving you a guaranteed profit and then using the other half (excess) to increase your winnings for that day. As I've already explained, you set a Win Goal, not a win limit. Only a jerk would set a win limit. And there are plenty of these people in the casinos.

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Patrick's Comments:

"Baccarat is the BEST game in the casino to get long streaks. It'll take you 5 minutes to learn the game. I wonder how long it will take you to follow my Money Management moves?"