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john patrick biography

John Patrick is unquestionably one of the most dominant forces in the world of gambling today. For 10 years, he was the host of his own national cable TV show, SO YOU WANNA BE A GAMBLER, which aired weekly on Financial News Network (FNN) and attracted a large and loyal following.  Patrick's show was also seen on Action Pay Per View, reaching over 6 million homes nationally, as well as on satellite and selected regional cable systems throughout the country. His television personality has become so pervasive that he was satirized on the Cable Network Comedy Central as well as on Saturday Night Live. 

Patrick's impressive credentials include being the author of 15 successful books, seminar leader, keynote speaker and guest speaker on radio and TV. He appeared in the film Honeymoon in Vegas and in the soap opera, One Life To Live, naturally portraying a gambler each time. His infomercials are currently being shown in California, Colorado, Washington and several eastern states. Patrick is in constant demand as a keynote speaker at seminars and conventions and has appeared as a 'gambling expert' on well over 500 radio and TV shows. 

Patrick has over 30 videos on casino games, sports handicapping and the Lottery. These videos, along with the books, stress Patrick's obsession with Money Management and Discipline. His favorite quote is: "90% of the people who enter a casino get ahead, yet 70% of that 90% give the money back". Patrick has strong opinions on gambling and doesn't mince words when it comes to the reasons most people lose in the casinos and at sports. "There are only two kinds of gamblers", Patrick states unequivocally: "Experts and Dopes. If you're not and Expert, you should stay away from the games." 

Patrick's favorite targets are greedy players who don't stop when they're ahead. At least once during every TV show, he implores his audience to walk away from the table if they have reached their Win Goals or Loss Limits. Patrick believes that, more than anything else, Discipline is the key to success in gambling. 

Patrick learned the importance of discipline in gambling the hard way. In the early 1960's in Las Vegas and on the Mississippi River boats, his losses were so great that he was virtually penniless. He'd get ahead at Poker or Sports or Craps but always give it back. To support himself, he worked as a paid 'shill' in the casino for $10 a day, and as a dishwasher on the boats for meals and $40 a week. The idea was to get a stake for the next trip to the tables.  It was during that period of time that John Patrick developed his stringent rules for Money Management and Discipline. Since that time he has never strayed from his own rules: "I don't win a lot, but more importantly, I don't lose a lot. I know what it's like to lose, because I was so good at it. It ain't a good feeling". 

Patrick's quick wit and gift of gab combined with the expertise of gambling has earned him the honor of hosting Las Vegas's top Hotel in-house instructional videos. The Maxim, Aladdin, Stratosphere, Star Dust, Riviera and Four Queens, to name a few, plus he was sponsored on Cable TV by Harrahs Marina, The Claridge and Trump's Castle in Atlantic City. 

Patrick claims there are four main ingredients in making a successful gambler; "I call them THE BIG FOUR, and without them, you don't got a prayer of winning consistently: BANKROLL, KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME, MONEY MANAGEMENT AND DISCIPLINE. The first two are very important...the last two are imperative!!!"