Introduction To Casino Bonuses

While the online casino bonus system may seem confusing to those without experience applying bonuses, it is actually fairly easy to understand. Furthermore, if you are playing online casino games without taking advantage of bonuses, you are really cheating yourself, so it’s important to know how bonuses work.

Finding Your First Online Casino Bonus

Your first online casino bonus will be a sign-up bonus, which is good since these are the best types of bonuses to get. This is because they are usually match bonuses, which means your initial deposit is matched with additional funds.

Look for a 100 percent match bonus that will double your initial deposit. You can find these sign-up bonuses wherever a particular online casino site advertises or on other gaming or bonus sites online. Note the bonus code and go to the site’s landing page to sign up.

When it comes time to make your deposit, be sure to put the bonus code in the appropriate space at that time. If you make the deposit without the bonus code, you signed up with the site and will not have the opportunity to collect the bonus. You can only collect one sign-up bonus per site.

Cashable Vs. Non-Cashable Casino Bonus

There are two ways to get a bonus. The cashable bonus is one that you can withdraw from the on-line casino site and use however you choose. The non-cashable bonus, also called a “sticky” bonus, is only for playing on the site. When you make your first withdrawal, the non-cashable bonus (or what is left of it) will disappear.

Clearing the Bonus

To make full use of a bonus, you will have to “clear” it by meeting a wagering requirement. This means you must bet a set amount, 10x the amount of the bonus, for example.

You don’t have to bet that all at once and it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. However, you won’t clear the bonus until you have bet this much. For a cashable bonus, once you clear it, the money goes into your account to do with as you will. A non-cashable bonus can be played with before it is cleared, but you can't make any withdrawals until the bonus clears.

Other Bonuses

In addition to the sign-up bonus, you can receive loyalty bonuses for continued play at a site and referral bonuses for signing others up with the site. These may not be match bonuses and if they are they will be less lucrative than the sign-up bonus, but still worth collecting.