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How to Handicap Pro Football VHS $5.00

"In this video, I break the college season down into 4 separate betting periods (Early Season, Mid-Season, Late Season and Bowls) and show you how to apply different handicapping strategies to each period. Then, I reveal my own personal theories of handicapping college football and show you how to use money management disciplines to minimize your losses and maximize your winnings. The video also includes our exclusive College Football Report Card, an advance scouting report designed to get you off to a flying start in the early season.

I sincerely believe that this video will make you a better handicapper - and a winner - regardless of your previous experience or ability."
"I sincerely believe that this tape will benefit every player, regardless of experience or ability. First, I take you through the basics - how the line is made, how and why it moves, the vig and how it impacts our bankroll, the different types of bets you can make, etc. Then, I reveal my own personal theory of handicapping pro football and my money management method. Finally, I explain some of the winning handicapping theories favored by other professional bettors.

Included with this video is a special Handicapper's Kit to guide you through the season. If you follow the principles in this video and the kit faithfully, I guarantee that you'll become a better handicapper and steady winner!"