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Learn How to Win at Pai Gow Poker VHS
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"In this video, I give you a guided tour of the different kinds of machines in Atlantic City and Nevada, and show you how these differences affect the house edge against you. Then, I lead you, set by step, through proper playing strategy. I break down the 2.6 million possible poker hands into 26 computer-ranked sub-groups, and show you how to use these rankings to handle any situation you'll ever face in Video Poker. In fact, I show you how you can reduce the house edge in Video Poker to as low as 1/2 of 1% - simply by choosing the right machine and playing your cards correctly!"

"In my opinion, Pai Gow Poker is one of the best games you can play. If you play it properly, the house edge against you can be as low as 1% to 2%. But that's the kicker. You have to learn to play the game properly. In this video, I teach you everything you need to know about the game - the rules, the different procedures and game variations you'll find in the casino. Then I team up with Bill Zender, one of the leading Pai Gow experts in the country, to give you an in-depth analysis of playing strategy. Together, we examine over 20 different types of hands. With this preparation, you'll know the best move to make in practically any situation you encounter at the Pai Gow Poker table. Study this video and my money management techniques and you'll be ready to sit down and play Pai Gow Poker like an expert!"

"This is the roughest tape I've ever made. Why? Because I could go on talking about poker until your player freezes over, and now I've had to get it all down in under an hour and a half. So I've concentrated on the essentials -- what I call the Big 6. That's Knowledge (knowing the odds and percentages), Tactics (having a strategic game plan), Deception (knowing how and when to bluff), Money Management (managing your bankroll), Psychology (reading your opponent), and Guts (having what it takes to be a winner). If you learn the Big 6,I guarantee you'll be raking in more pots than ever before!"
"7 Card Stud is a great action game. While I cover the Big 6 (Knowledge, Tactics, Deception, Money Management, Psyschology and Guts) in this video, I focus on tactics and strategy. I take you from 3rd Street to 7th Street, illustrating actual playing situations and pointing out the moves you should make. Obviously, I can't cover all you need to know about 7 Card Stud in one video, but I think I've given you the essentials to make you a better player."