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Learn How to Interpret the Daily Racing Form
(Advanced Course) DVD
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This video was created by John Patrick and Rick Lang. Rick is a racing analyst for the Daily Racing Form and handicapper for several major Eastern tracks. He is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and astute handicappers in the country. This video is about handicapping the races. It shows you how to use the past performances information in the Daily Racing Form to analyze the races the way the professionals do. It's been created with one goal in mind - to teach you how to be a winner at the track. John Patrick says:

"Rick and I have geared this video to the intermediate horse-player, the kind of person who goes to the track 5,6, maybe 10 times a year. We've tried to show you how to interpret the past performance charts in the Daily Racing Form so you can pick winners on your own, without relying on someone else's selections. Then, we teach you about money management so you'll know how to bet...and when not to bet. Study this video well, and you'll find your visits to the track will not only be more profitable but also a lot more fun!"