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Professional gambler John Patrick's theories on money management, sports gambling, and how to play craps, blackjack, roulette, bingo,
video poker and more casino games have helped thousands of gamblers learn how to win. Here are some comments from satisfied customers.


"I used to believe that gambling absolutely and automatically meant losing, but now when I walk up to a table, I am there to WIN and I usually do. Thank you John Patrick"

Juno Beach, Florida.

"I just wanted to thank you (and your basic blackjack book) for paying for my last trip to Las Vegas. I have been to Vegas several times, but the last time I decided I wasn't going to "just have a good time", or take an amount I could "afford to lose".. My wife thought the $14 book price was a waste of money, but when she arrived in Vegas with her sister (we flew separately, I got there earlier in the day) she changed her tune when she was presented with (6) 100 dollar bills ($200 starting bankroll) I know that's not a huge amount of money, but my subsequent sessions brought returns of approx. $100 (3 times), $80 (twice) and 2 losing sessions of around $80 each. I have recently gone to the new Caesar's riverboat casino in Indiana, where I am $39 ahead after two weeks.. (again, not a lot of money, but not a loser either).  I just finished your Advanced Blackjack book, and am now in the process of perfecting your card counting system. I have perfected the BIG 4 and now consider myself more of a casino "predator" than a victim. I couldn't have done it without your books. Thank you so much. Happy Winnings!!"

Craig W.

“When my wife and I first looked at the John Patrick Basic Strategy, we thought he was nuts. His ideas of splitting aces and doubling ten and eleven only against the dealer's weak cards was contrary to anything we'd ever read. But we were losing. He changed completely, our way of playing Blackjack and online bingo But, his forte is Money Management. Check this guy out… he knows how to get you to cut losses.”

Ed F.
Miami, FL

“John Patrick talks about the “Big 4” in gambling. Then he stresses Money Management and discipline like I never saw it explained before. You may not like his style of teaching, but you gotta like the results.”

John H.
St. Louis, MO

“You might not like Patrick's conservative style of playing, but you have to be crazy not to follow his advice on setting “win goals” and “loss limits”. It has changed my way of gambling completely.”

M. S.
Syracuse, NY

“John Patrick talks down to his readers, but if you can take the verbal abuse, you'll surely gain from his tremendous Money Management methods. His Regression System is the greatest betting method I've ever seen."

N. P.
Woodland Hills, CA

“Mr. Patrick, just a note to thank you for the excellent set of books and tapes on Craps. I play strictly the 6 and 8 by “Up and Pull” after a regression. My winning sessions are about 5 of every 7 trips. I've learned how to play craps successfully”

Y. A.
Las Vegas, NV

“I play Blackjack and Roulette and for years was a steady loser. I just thought that you were supposed to lose in a casino. When I watched John Patrick's videos and read his books on how to manage your money, my trips to the casinos changed. I don't win a lot, but I win small increments often. The betting sequences are terrific!”

David G.
Los Angeles, CA

“For years, I purchased every system on gambling and read every book that promised me untold riches. I finally was told by a friend to read John Patrick's book and watch his videos. At first, I was insulted by his calling me a “dork”. You know what? I was a dork. Not any more. His Money Management and discipline made changes in my whole outlook on gambling. I now accept small returns and am definitely content. He's a genius!”

L. C.
Cleveland, OH

“I first met John Patrick at a gambling seminar in Chicago. He covered all types of gambling, but I was there for the sports betting. The things he taught me about betting on sports is priceless. I carry his handicapping book with me constantly. His methods on betting on sports are different from most, but 4 years later, I'm still ahead of the game.”

Nick R.
Chicago, IL

“I'm a sports better and bought John Patrick's book on handicapping. I can't believe the change in my approach to sports gambling. His Theory in Time Zone Bettings, Round Robins, and Hedging….. all things I’d never heard of before, or at least didn't think could help me. Patrick has a different view on sports gambling and how to bet sports. His approach is so easy to grasp, but you've got to follow his Money Management moves. They work."

Peter D.
Orange, TX